At your offices, provide tailored seminars on rating, coverage, and other subjects, including:

  • What is ISO and What It Does for its clients and What It Does Not Do for its clients
  • Rating Flexibility – How to maximize the company’s rating flexibility
  • Coverage/Forms Flexibility – What can a company do to tailor coverage for a program or an individual risk
  • Risk Purchasing Groups – What are they, what are their advantages and disadvantages, how much does it cost to form one
  • Broker Fees – Can they be charged in today’s marketplace
  • Program Withdrawal – What do states require of a company to withdraw from a market, part of a market, or the state entirely
  • Residual Markets – What are the costs to a company, how can the costs be tracked, how can informed underwriting exist
  • Regulatory Controls on the Marketplace – what are they, how can they be managed
  • Business Continuation Plans – You may have an IT plan – but what about all other functions, can/should they be created
  • Program Business – Use of MGAs, Auditing and Underwriting essentials for business continuation
  • Market Conduct Examinations – how to handle, finalizing a response to the report, language of the report, negotiating any fine/penalty
  • Emerging Issues – What insurance exposures and claims issues will come about over the next few years
  • Policy language – Intent vs. Interpretation

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